Zendure SuperMini Go Review

Today we’re taking a look at the brand new SuperMini Go from Zendure. You may remember my review of their original SuperMini 10,000mah power bank and their passport pro 3 which I also recently reviewed. This new power bank has a lot of extra added features that make it a very worth addition to your everyday carry bag as well as your packing list. The link is in the description below is you’d like to support the project and preorder your own on Indiegogo. I’d also like to thank the company for sending me out this sample unit to test and review.

By the way, The SuperMini GO is 228g/8oz vs the old SuperMini which is 189g/6.6oz

Lets start off with the eye-catching design. It actually comes in 3 new and sleek colours. I have the ‘Sunset Cyan’ colour here but it really reminds me of those paddle pop ice creams. It also comes in a ‘galaxy black’ and ‘space silver’. This one and the black have gold accents and the silver is all silver. The ring on the front that looks like a camera lens is actually a magnetic wireless charging attachment. The gold button at the top that looks like a camera shutter button is the power button which you press to turn it on and start the charging. Theres also a loop to attach the included wrist strap if you’d like to make it look even more like a camera.

Around the back is a gold led screen that displays the amount of battery percent that’s left and shows other information depending on the context whether you’re charging it or charging another device. The wireless charging pad outputs 15w of power and is quite a strong magnetic grip. The power banks capacity is 10,000mah. When you plug a device to charge via the USB-C output it puts out 20w of power. Theres also a built in ‘x-charge’ mode that means you can charge lower output devices without damaging them if they dont support the full fast charging. It also has built in overheating and surge protections so you dont have to worry about it overcharging you devices.

In my testing and use I’ve found that is fits well into most pockets and easily slips into the side pocket of my Bellroy Venture Sling 9L. If you pair this charger with a universal charging cable like this one I have from anker it allows you to charge with a lightning adapter, mini usb and USB-C all in one. I’ve found it to be handy for travelling and charging different devices and sometimes older devices that use mini-usb. Its also helpful if you meet a friend and they need to top up their phone but they use a different charger type.

The wireless charging on this is very fast and works well. The only thing I will say is that you have to remember to press the button after you connect the magnet to your phone. Otherwise it doesn’t turn on to charge. I feel that it could be easy to forget to do that because if you’re used to placing your phone on an apple wireless charging stand, that charges automatically as soon as its connected. So remember to press the button to charge and it works great. Charges very quickly and only gets slightly warm, not alarmingly hot.

The retail price will be $69USD but you can get it at a higher discount by preordering at the link below. The earlier you order the better the price will be. So that’s it a quick hands on and review with the new Zendure SuperMini Go, Its my favourite power bank that I’ve reviewed so far and I think it will make an absolutely perfect travel companion for everyday or internationally.


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