Zendure Passport III (Giveaway)

Today we’re taking a look at the shiny new Passport III from Zendure. I did a review of their previous Passport Pro II which you can click the link in the top right to watch. But this one has a few nice upgrades and some really nice new colours as well. Also, if you’d like to support the kickstarter . And if you’d like your chance to win one of three of the new Passport III you can also find a link to the competition here. the model I have here is a pre production sample with my name engraved on it by the final production model will have the zendure logo on it.

So let’s start off with what’s changed in the new Passport III compared with the previous model. The most notable difference is the 3 vibrant new colours. They all feature a translucent design too which reminds me of the old Nintendo gameboys and other 90s electronics. The next upgrade is the laptop USBc port which now outputs 65w instead of 61w. Finally a few of the additional charging ports have changed from USB A to USB C type so you can use the cable that came with your phone to charge. The additional ports charge at 45w but drop to around 15w when more than one thing is plugged in at a time.

The passport III still has the same auto resetting fuse and can still charge up to 6 devices at the same time. The same great smooth action on the controls operation and same great sleek profile. This has been my go-to travel adapter for all my trips and I actually use it at home a lot too. Because you can charge so many devices at the same time it works great as an at home charging hub.

One thing I like in particular about this adapter is the us/au plug can be twisted in both directions meaning you can plug in the device in a number of difficult areas more easily. I have found that plugging it into various outlets it has a secure fit and won’t usually fall out.

The auto resetting fuse is a good feature to have too because it means your devices won’t get damaged if the adapter is overloaded. This adapter is also able to handle higher output devices such as hair dryers due to the GaN technology.

There’s not too many negatives with this new passport III. But perhaps some things that work differently than you’d expect. For example the 65w and 45w outputs drop when more than one device is plugged in at the same time. So getting the full charging speed requires using it with one at a time. But for me I usually has things charging overnight so it wasn’t a problem for me.

Overall all is definitely my travel adapter of choice and I highly recommend it. If you’re interested in winning one of the three in tying giveaway then please enter with the link in the comments below.


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