Zendure Passport II Pro Review

Today we’re taking a look at the new Zendure Passport II Pro universal travel adapter. What makes this special compared to other travel adapters? It has a 61w GaN powered usb c power delivery output so you can charge not only your laptop but also up to 5 other devices for a total of 6 devices at the same time. This device is currently available to preorder on Kickstarter, I’ve put links below if you want to order. The earlier you order the cheaper it will be.

It has two USB-C outputs, the one on the side with the picture of a laptop is the 61W output. The one beside the USB a ports is a 12W output. This mean that for my uses I can charge my Nintendo Switch, and laptop at the same time while still having 3 extra USB ports for additional devices and the top adapter can charge any additional plugged in device. I will use it to charge my laptop, Nintendo Switch and Apple Watch, phone and power bank with a few ports left over for friends or other devices.

So regarding the power output, the USB-C (port 1) delivers up to 61W output when used on its own, it also supports PD3.0 + PPS (3A). The additional USB-C (port 2) and the 3 USB-A ports support up to 12W output each. However when using 61W USB-C (port 1) & other USB ports at the same time, the 61W USB-C (port 1) drops to a 45W output and others drop to 12W in total. This means that while it is possible to charge and use a laptop at the same time it will just charge slower than usual.

I actually bought a GaN 61W charger with one USBc and one USB A port but only a single US plug on the end. I intended this to replace my large MacBook Pro charging brick but now I can just simply use this new Zendure Passport II Pro to charge my laptop at full 61W in any countries outlet. In terms of weight the Zendure Passport II Pro is 168g (5.9oz) which is less than my MacBook Pro charger which is 217g (7.6oz).

Just quickly, GaN stands for Gallium Nitrate and is the next step from silicon and offers higher efficiency with less heat so devices using this technology are able to be smaller and lighter for the same power. In addition this is fitted with an auto resetting fuse (where other adapters often have a replaceable fuse). So that means the fuse won’t need replacing as it resets rather than blows up. Another great thing about this is that it supports up to 10A devices so you can use it with some hair dryers, hair straighteners and electric kettles.

The AU plug in this is actually really good too. It works by twisting the prongs so they are angled to fit AU plugs. But not only that, they are able to be angled back and forward so you can plug in the adapter higher or lower in the plug depending where the switches are. Essentially its very a convenient design. Now I should also note that this is not a grounded adapter, but very few travel adapters are.

It comes in two colours, a nice blue and black like I have here and a white and blue which I think also looks great. Depending on how early you preorder on the kickstarter it can be priced as low as US$35 with a final retail price of $US69. They should be delivered around August.

Overall I highly recommend this universal travel adapter. Its one of the best implementations of a travel adapter that Ive seen and it feels very well made and with its auto resetting fuse I feel that it will be a great travel companion for a long time.


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