Wuben C3 Review

Today we’re taking a look at the Wuben C3 which is a compact, rechargeable flashlight that has up to 1200 lumens of brightness. Now I was sent this for review but my thoughts and opinions are entirely my own. Links to purchase are in the description and comment section below.

In addition to having a bright 1200 lumens this flashlight is also IP68 water resistant and completely rechargeable via a USB-C port on the side. In the box you also get a wrist strap and a charging cable and two additional rubber sealing gaskets for the battery compartment. The flashlight is made from aluminium alloy and it feels very durable. It is a little heavy though for me, at 123grams or 4.3oz with the battery.

The 1200 lumen brightness can reach as far as 180 meters (or 588 ft) You can see in this mobile phone footage. I’m cycling through the 4 brightness modes. The first and lowest is Eco, and then Low, Medium and High. The high mode is the one that shines the brightest and furthest. The eco mode (5 lumens) lasts for up to 143 hours with the run time dropping the brighter the mode you use. 20 hours on ‘low’ mode (80 lumens) and 3.5 hours on medium mode (400 lumens). High mode gives 2.5 hours. And in the higher modes it gets very hot on the front glass, so be careful.

Now mode switching is a bit unusual. You click the button to turn it on or off and that stays at whatever mode you were last on, excluding the ‘strobe’ and ‘sos’ modes. Then once its on you kind of tap or half press the button to cycle through the eco, low, medium and high modes. Getting into the two extra ‘strobe’ and ‘sos’ modes is frustrating and not as easy as it should be. Especially for something called ‘sos’ emergency mode it takes a few tries to get into that mode for me. It requires a faster ‘double tap’ or quick double half press for ‘strobe’ and a ‘triple tap’ for SOS mode. I often go into strobe mode accidentally while trying to get into SOS mode. So I feel like they should switch the modes around. Strobe mode feels less useful than SOS mode.

This flashlight also comes with a nice little clip on the side. Which makes it handy to clip onto a belt or clothing. I kind of wish it had some kind of rotatable clip though so that you could clip it onto a hat or something and make a makeshift headlamp. But I found clipping it to a belt or pocket and aiming it down to the ground did provide a little hands free illumination while walking.

In terms of battery I haven’t been able to run it out yet. Even after testing every night for a few weeks. I mostly have been running it in ‘eco’ mode and switching into low or medium when I wanted to see something in the distance. Kind of like a high beam in a car. Although there is a USB-C port on this to charge. It only accepts charge from a USB-C to USB-A connection. So when I tried to connect a USB-C to USB-C cable from my power bank it just blinked red which means it wasn’t charging. When connected with a USB-A to USB-C it light up a solid red which means its charging.

Overall, I think its a great compact, durable and water-resistant flashlight to carry around in your EveryDay Carry kit or for camping situations or even for some urban situations. Its US$27 on the US amazon and on the Australian Amazon its AU$49. I’d recommend checking it out if you’re in the market for a rechargeable LED Flashlight.


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