Wuben C2 Review

Today we’re taking a look at the Wuben C2 which is a bit confusingly the larger version of the Wuben C3. I guess Wuben chose to name these flashlight like how A4 paper is named, and that a smaller number means a larger product, like how A4 paper is smaller than A3. Anyway, this flashlight is a bit bigger and has a few more features than the smaller C3 flashlight. This C2 is 2000 lumens maximum brightness and also doubles as a 4800 mah power bank for charging external devices. The mah will depend on the type of battery you use. Included is a standard a 21700 (4800mah) rechargeable battery. This flashlight also accepts 18650 batteries too, which range from 2300 to 3500 mah but the on from Wuben is 2600 mah. This flashlight is currently US$39.99 on their site, links below.

This flashlight has a flap on the side which features both a USB-C and USB-A output for charging external devices when you plug them in. It also has a nice big button to access all the various modes and that button has a glowing W (for Wuben) that will indicate the battery level when you turn it on or off. Theres also a function to keep that button like pulsing if you want. More on that later. In the box you get the flashlight with a 21700 battery installed. A usb-c to usb-a cable for both charging the flashlight and connecting other devices. A lanyard and a spare o-ring.

This flashlight has quite a focused beam and a large throw of 358 meters. And lets get some of the technical details out the way. It weight 185g/6.5oz with the battery installed. its IP68 waterproof and can be submerged for 1 hour at 2 meters underwater. 1 meter impact resistance. Features a 1 piece Luminus SST40 6500K LED and supports USB-C charging. The clip on this is also a nice sturdy clip but is only a one direction clip. I do prefer the clips that o-light use on their flashlights that are dual directional. Alright so with all that out of the way, lets talk about its modes and the brightness settings.

The instructions include this graphic which shows all the functions and how to access them. I will attempt to translate it into English now.

When the light is off: Pressing the button once turns the light on and off. Double tapping the button activates the strobe, and double tapping again changes to SOS mode. Quadruple tapping the button locks and unlocks the button. And pressing and holding the button turns the light on Eco mode which is 5 lumens.

When the light is on: pressing and holding the button cycles through the Eco (5 lum), Low (130 Lum), Med (400 Lum), and High (1200-600 Lum) modes. Double pressing the button activates the Turbo or max 2000 lumen mode. Double tapping again switches it over to strobe, and another double tap to get to SOS mode.

Finally, a triple tap when the light is off will activate the ‘breathing light’ or slow pulse of the W on the power button. This is to help find the light in the dark and the pulsing has an auto-off after a certain time limit.

While we’re talking about the ‘breathing light’, it also shows how much battery is left. This graphic from the instructions which I will again attempt to translate.

When turning the light on or off, if the W remains a solid blue for 5 seconds this indicates you have more than 90% battery. If the blue light flashes for 5 seconds then you have between 90-40%

If its a solid red for 5 seconds then you have between 40% – 15%. And if it flashes red then you have between 15-0%

Now this flashlight can also be used as a power bank and when you’re packing light, you will appreciate items that can be used for multiple purposes. This flashlight can therefore potentially replace my power bank and add flashlight functionality for nearly the same weight although a reduction in max mah. My current power bank is around 180g/6.5oz but is 10,000mah. So roughly double the capacity. But it doesn’t have the ability to be a flashlight.

Overall this is a great flashlight and also handy that it can double as a power bank and the price is quite reasonable. Its durable and well built and depending on the kind of travel you’re doing I think it would make a great addition to your backpack.


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