Wool and Prince 100% Merino Tshirt Review

This is the 100% Merino Crew Neck from Wool and Prince. The difference between this tshirt and the previous merino wool tshirt I reviewed from Wool and Prince is that this one (as the name implies) is made from 100% merino wool rather than being a blend. This shirt is also made from a slightly higher weight merino wool that is 205gsm as opposed to the blend which is only 160 gsm.

The 100% merino is made from a heavy-weight jersey knit and it is very soft and feels very good against the skin. Its noticeably softer than Wool and Princes regular blend tshirts and about the same softness as Outliers superfine merino tshirts. Both Outliers and Wool and Princes shirts use a 17.5 micron merino which is nice and soft. If I had to give an edge here, I would say that I like the way that the Wool and Prince shirt drapes more than Outliers.

Sizingwise I’m wearing an XS from Wool and Prince and it is just about right. The length of the shirt is quite long and about the same as the Outlier offerings. Which is a good thing for tall people and also means that it works great tucked in as a baselayer for winter layering. Speaking of which, as this shirt is 205gsm its suitably warm in the cooler weather and breathes well enough to wear comfortably in hot weather too.

Unlike the merino blended shirts from Wool and Prince this shirt is 100% merino and can be worn for longer without needing to be washed. Finally at a price of $78 which is only $10 more than the blend and $20 cheaper than Outlier I’d definitely recommend this shirt if you’re looking for a super soft and comfortable merino wool tshirt. The only downside is that you only have 3 colours to choose from where Outlier offers a wider range of colours.


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