Wool & Prince Tshirt Review

The new Wool & Prince Crew neck t-shirts are a 78% merino 22% nylon blend which I would usually stay away from. Wool blends typically are more itchy and not as warm as 100% merino shirts. Wool & Prince have blended the wool in a different way than usual however. Its 17.5 micron wool as a core with two nylon filaments wrapped around it. This is done to give the shirts more strength and durability.

In my testing I have found that they are less warm than my other merino t-shirts however I believe this is because the Wool & Prince shirts are made from 160gsm merino whereas my other merino t-shirts are made from 200gsm. It terms of durability they absolutely have proved to be strong. I have worn this shirt with a cordura fabric backpack rubbing against it and it showed no signs of wear or pilling. These shirts are also very breathable and due to the lighter weight of merino are perfect for summer.

Wool and Prince merino blend fabric

Close up of the merino blend fabric

One other great point about this shirt is the colour. I really love this deep red ‘wine’ colour. Its everything I hoped the Outlier deep red would be but much more pleasing. I do wish they came in more colours than just Black, Red and Blue though. An olive green and maybe a brown would be welcome additions.

In terms of sizing I have tried both the XS and the S as you can see them here side by side. The XS fits very snug and I liked the fit of it especially around the arms. The S also is quite a suitable fit but it depends what kind of look you’re going for. I think the XS would be best for an undershirt fit and the S for an everyday fit.

The price is pretty good at USD$68 (AUD$89) particularly if you’re in the market for a durable and nicely coloured merino blend t-shirt. Overall I am pleased with these shirts and I didn’t notice any itching that I usually would with merino blended shirts. I would suggest checking them out if you have a chance.


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