Wool & Prince Traditional Fit vs Standard

Today we’re looking at a quick comparison between Wool and Prince’s new ‘Traditional fit’ vs their original ‘standard fit’ (Which I previously did a review on here). Both shirts are size XS, however currently the only colour available for the ‘traditional fit’ is the light blue. What’s different in the ‘traditional fit’? According to the website the traditional fit adds 2 inches in the waist and also includes some minor adjustments to the chest and armhole.

Traditional fit vs Standard fit

So how is the new traditional fit? I’m happy to say that its a big improvement on my previous review of the ‘standard fit’. Its quite noticeable while wearing the shirt that there’s more room in the waist than the previous fit. As you can see in the comparison picture the bunching up (or pulling) around the waist that happened with the XS Standard fit doesn’t happen with the traditional fit.

Overall I am enjoying the new traditional fit far more than the standard and am looking forward to this new fit being available across more colours in the range. Especially the grey which is my favourite colour.


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