Wool & Prince Merino Twill Review

The Wool And Prince Black Twill shirt is a 170gsm twill merino wool button down shirt. It’s noticeably thicker and feels more durable than the other 130gsm shirts in Wool and Prince’s range. When first doing up the buttons it takes a bit of force to get the button through the hole. This is because the fabric is thicker and thus warmer and more durable.

So far I haven’t yet had a chance to try it in a colder climate, because it’s midsummer in Australia at the moment. However I can say that it’s not uncomfortable to wear on warm day. Thanks to the breathability of wool, and the 170gsm fabric, it will be comfortable across a wide range of temperatures. Unfortunately the only colour currently available is a dark black. This makes it an undesirable choice to wear on a sunny day because the sun will absorb into the fabric and make it heat up very quickly.

The shirt in sunlight

The shirt in sunlight

Due to the thickness of the fabric it can also be worn as a kind of ‘shirt jacket’ over the top of a t-shirt unbuttoned is passable but probably not as practical. I personally find it hard to wear solid black items of clothing, especially for a shirt. Although it does look sharp while wearing it. So much so that it kind of comes across as a formal shirt.

The shirts 170gsm merino twill fabric will lead many people to compare it to Outliers S120 (200gsm) twill merino shirt. Having worn both, I can say that they do both feel very similar. Its hard to tell the difference between 170 and 200gsm. Outliers S120 is more expensive at US$198 (AUD$278) while the Wool and Prince twill is only USD$128 (AUD$180).

Overall due to the colour I am finding it difficult to find a situation to wear this shirt in. Perhaps it fits in best as a layering piece for colder weather. However until the twill becomes available in different colours (particularly grey) it’s hard for me to recommend this shirt.


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