Wool & Prince Button down Oxford Review

The Wool & Prince Button-down oxford is a 100% merino wool shirt. It is made from a 18.5micron thick merino which means that the shirt is not quite as soft as some others on the market but it definitely feels nice and durable. It is made from a fairly light merino wool at only 130gsm compared to a more preferred 200gsm which Outlier uses. Although Wool & Prince do made a twill merino at 170gsm it is unfortunately only available in black.

The wool on this shirt feels a little thin at first but it is quite durable and tightly woven. So much so that when it gets water on it, the water beads off a little bit and rolls off. Due to the relative thinness of the shirt, its quite well suited to warmer climates. Merino wool also provides great thermal properties and so wearing this shirt in cooler weather means that it will keep your body heat in and the cold air out.

Button placement on the Outlier vs Wool & Prince shirts

Unfortunately the button placement on the Wool And Prince shirts is something that I don’t really like. As you can see in the above picture. Outlier buttons are closer together and leave more room in the waist. However Wool & Prince shirts buttons are spaced much further apart and this means that you have an awkwardly place button at the bottom of your shirt. I usually wear an XS but due to the button placement on Wool & Princes shirts I had to size up to a Small because the XS pulled slightly at the waist causing the shirt to bunch up in an unappealing way.

Wool & Prince suggest getting the shirt dry cleaned however I have found that throwing it in the washing machine on a regular wash cycle caused no problems to the shirt. I also noticed that the shirt didn’t shrink at all either. Although it’s worth noting that you shouldn’t tumble dry merino wool.

Finally the price of the shirt is US$128 (AU$182) which is quite a bit more affordable than most of Outliers merino wool shirts. Although this is because Outlier is made in the USA and Wool and Prince shirts are made in China. Overall I would say that if you’re in the market for a 100% merino wool button down shirt definitely check out what Wool & Prince have to offer. Their shirts come in the largest range of colours of any other merino button down shirts that I’ve seen.


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