Wonplug Travel Adapter Review

The Wonplug World travel adapter is, as its name suggests, a world travel adapter with 2 usb ports on the side. I was offered to review this product from the manufacturer’s called Wonplug in China. Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to test it internationally yet but from my domestic use I can say that it’s quite a solid charger at a reasonable price. It is however, not without its flaws which I’ll get into a bit later in the review.

Starting with the good points, this travel adapter comes in a nice box and packaging. It has a nice solid feel and looks pretty good. The switches all work smoothly and it doesn’t make any hissing noises while plugged in which is good. The two usb ports charge as a very reasonable 2.4a output which means it’ll charge devices quickly. The usb ports also have little blue indicator lights at the top which stay on whether something is charging in them or not. The final good thing about this adapter is that you can charge multiple devices at the same time. A max of 2 usb and one plugged into the top socket.

Unfortunately given all the positives about this charger I feel that the negatives might outweigh them. The first bad thing is that this charger doesn’t convert voltage so you’ll need to be careful when plugging certain things into it. Laptops and tablets should, for the most part, be fine though. The biggest negative for me is the sheer size of this adapter and its placement of the plugs. It;s very bulky and difficult to find a place to plug it in. If you have a 2 socket plug, you’ll likely need to unplug the second one to be able to fit this one in.

Wonplug (top) no-name (bottom)

Wonplug (top) no-name (bottom)

If I compare this charger with a similar no-name brand one I found on ebay for around USD$11 (AUD$15) it has a better size and configuration of plug placement, making it easier to plug into the wall. While it also has 2 USB ports, It only outputs at .6a meaning it charges a great deal slower than the Wonplug adapter

Overall for the wonplug adapter is quite affordable price of USD$19 (AUD$24) I think it’s quite a good charger, especially if you’re in the market for a fast usb output charger. Its size and bulk make it a little difficult to find suitable wall outlets that will accommodate it. If you’re in the market for an adapter I’d say it’s worth checking out depending on your needs.


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