Wilderness Wear 10K eXtreme Socks Review

The 10K extreme merino wool socks are made in Australia from a blend of 80% Pure Australian Merino, 10% Nylon, 5% Lycra, 5% Profilen.

The style and design of the socks is quite good and they have a padded area at the bottom and around the toe area. This makes them a joy to wear no matter what kind of shoes you pair them with. They come in a selection of colours too, black, white and this green pair that I was sent courtesy of Jon at wilderness wear.

So far in my testing I’ve not noticed any holes but there is some minor pilling of the material as you can see along the bottom especially. However this is quite normal for merino wool socks. Even my darn tough socks display a similar form of pilling but it doesn’t cause any damage to the socks overall integrity.

The price comes in at around $35 AUD which is $27 USD which is quite pricey especially if you compare it to darn tough socks which regularly come in quite a bit cheaper and have a lifetime warranty. Whereas the wilderness wear socks only have a 1 year warranty. Wilderness wear does now offer international shipping so if you are overseas and wanted to try a pair then you can now do so.

Overall I do like these socks and feel that they are very well made and comfortable. The padding adds another level of comfort to whatever shoes you are wearing and they breath well and dry quickly. Overall if you’re looking for a great pair of low cut merino wool socks that are made in Australia then look no further.


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