Wilderness Wear Adventure Merino 195 T-top

The Wilderness Wear Adventure Merino 195 T-top is a very warm and durable 100% merino wool t-shirt. It comes in a fairly wide selection of colours which also includes alternating sleeve colours. The 195gsm wool thickness is also available in a v-neck instead of a crew neck. Interestingly the v-neck includes some different colours not available on the crew neck. One of the colours not available on the crew neck was a really nice olive green. So I called and asked for a custom made shirt which didn’t end up cost much extra at all.

The merino wool used in Wilderness Wear clothes is 100% Australian sourced and owned. Wilderness wear shirts and pants come in a range of different wool thickness’. From the super heavy 240gsm to the lighter 170gsm. I mainly have used and tested the 195gsm merino which is quite similar in thickness to Outliers Ultrafine Merino Tee. The Outlier tee, which uses 17.5 micron wool does feel a bit softer in the hand than the Wilderness wear t-shirts which use 18.8 micron wool. I prefer the 18.8 micron wool over the softer one because I feel that it drapes a bit better and also is slightly more durable. The thinner the wool is, the more I notice it piling. My Wilderness wear shirts seem to hold up better with wear over the Outlier ones.

Wilderness Wear Tshirt vs The Outlier Ultrafine Tshirt

In terms of thermal properties. You can expect the Wilderness wear 195gsm merino to hold up similarly to the Outlier ultrafine merino tee. I’ve worn the Wilderness wear t-shirt in temperatures down to the single digits of Celsius (around the 40’s in Fahrenheit). It’s a very warm baselayer and even felt warmer then my long sleeve Mountain Khakis Merino Henley. I’ve recently been wearing this shirt through the humid summer in Sydney and I found it to be quite comfortable and breathable despite the heavier weight of the wool. Some people feel that 195 or 200gsm wool is too warm to wear through summer but I feel that it breathes quite well and I’ve not every felt uncomfortably hot while wearing it.

The fit of the tshirt is not too tight but it is marketed as a baselayer piece. Wilderness Wear uses an unusual sizing system and in their sizing I wear a Medium. Usually I’d wear an XS in uniqlo or other brands but when I tried Wilderness Wear’s size Small it was too tight and the length of the shirt was too short. So in the end a Medium was the perfect size.
Here’s a little sizing conversion guide,

US Size
Wilderness Wear SizeMLXL2XL

Finally the price of this t-shirt is really quite good at AUD$99 (USD$69). For an 100% Australian made 195gsm merino wool t-shirt. A lot of the shirts from other manufactures cost more than that for a much lower thickness of merino and not made in Australia. Overall if you are in the market for some new merino wool  gear you should definitely check out Wilderness Wear.


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