Western Rise Versa Cap Review

Today we’re taking a look at the Versa Cap from Western Rise. At first glance this may seem quite similar to the Outlier Supermarine cap that I reviewed a while ago but its actually different in a few ways.

The Versa cap is made from Western Rise’s ‘Versa fabric’ which is 92% polyester and 8% spandex. Lightweight, 4 way stretch and waterproof. Its also crushable and has a softer brim. The outlier cap is made from supermarine fabric and is also water resistant but a more substantial fabric that’s a little thicker and the cap’s brim is more of a traditional brim that’s not very pliable. For a traveller, this means that Outliers cap will need to be clipped to the outside of the bag or somewhere the brim won’t get distorted. However the Versa cap’s brim is crushable so it always bounces back.

I have found the versa cap the perfect size to carry rolled up in my packable sling bag from Tenba. When you pull the hat out and put it on you just need to adjust the brim to the style you like and you’re good to go. The Versa cap uses a quick release snap for the rear buckle and is adjustable by moving the strap across to make it a tighter or looser fit. Outliers cap has a similar but a little different snap closure, but recently has been replaced by a cord mechanism that I feel doesn’t look as good as the Versa cap.

This cap is also 100% waterproof and as you can see the water and rain runs right off of it. So it makes a great cap to wear in both the rain or sun. The material is quick drying and stain resistant too so if you ever do need to dry it off it won’t take long at all.

My versa cap here is in the Navy colour way and it’s also available in several other colours. Links are down below if you want to checkout the website for available colours. Its kind of a one size fits all because its made from a 4 way stretch material and theres a lot of adjustment in the strap.

Its available on Western Rise’s Site for US$59 (AU$79) which I feel is a reasonable price for such a versatile and packable cap. Its very easy to fit into any small space and is water resistant and comfortable. I’d definitely recommend checking it out.


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