Western Rise Spectrum Jogger Review

Today we’re taking a look at the Spectrum joggers from Western Rise. Theres are apart of the new Activewear line of clothing from Western rise that also includes the Movement shorts and the Session Tee. Both of which I will be reviewing very soon so please subscribe if you’re interested in seeing those.

Let’s start off with the sizing. They’re available in sizes starting from Small to XXL and I have here the size Small in black and the size Medium in Blue Grey, I really like the blue grey colour. For pants I usually wear somewhere between a 30 or 31 however for Western Rises’ recent Diversion pants I wear a size 32. According to the website, a Small size is equivalent to a size 30 and Medium a size 32. As you can see in the side by side here I feel like the size small looks the best. I posted a poll on instagram and everyone seemed to vote for small looking the best too. However the Medium size also fits and it just a little boxy in the upper section. Whereas the size small is perfect in the upper section but a little tighter in the calf area.

The material is very stretchy though and so whatever size you get they will feel very comfortable. Theres a nice drawstring cord in the pants for a more secure fit if you do feel they’re too loose in the top block. These pants are 100% polyester made with a warp knit technique which gives great unrestrictive freedom of movement. These are also very breathable, moisture wicking and water resistant. They really are perfect for working out in.

Theres some other neat features on these pants too. On the left size is a zippered pocket for a phone or wallet that is nice and secure giving you peace of mind your phone won’t fall out while jogging. The main pockets are quite deep and spacious but anything I put in there from a phone to my sunglasses felt like it didn’t sit upright and kind of felt awkward. So I found myself mainly using the zippered side pocket whenever I wore them.

One thing I should point out too is that the heat transfer logo started peeling off after a few days of wear. And I kept finding little letters all over my floor which is something to note. Didn’t effect the performance of the pants. But it does make it hard to identify the size of the pants later if you were comparing them.

Overall a really nice pair of active wear pants that have some great features and feel very durable and well made. The breathability and stretchiness make them great for working out or lounging around. But they’re not suited to colder climates because the wind blows straight through the breathable material.


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