Western Rise AT Slim Rivet Review

These AT Slim Rivet Pants in the Shadow are from a brand called Western Rise. These are quite similar in style and function to Outliers Slim Dungarees and what I would call a solid replacement to your jeans. They’re made from a rather hefty 280gsm blend of 97% nylon and 3% spandex. Which to some may feel a bit too warm to wear in the summer especially if you feel that 200gsm merino wool is too hot in the summer.

In terms of sizing they are a very nice fit and in a size 30 fit me well without needing a belt. Whereas the Slim Dungarees in a size 30 feel a little roomier (especially after they’ve stretched out) and I need a belt for. These AT Slim Rivet pants don’t seem to stretch out after a bit or wear though. Which is a good thing because I don’t like having to wear a belt with pants if I can help it. Another good thing is that the inseam is proportional to the size. The 30 waist comes with a 32” inseam and the 32 waist comes with a 33” inseam and so on.

In terms of functionality they’ve got quite a few neat features. They’ve got a water resistant coating that repels water very well as you can see here. Although, as usual with water resistant coatings it wears off rapidly on the upper thighs. And after only a few weeks use any water that spills on your thighs will just soak in. Which is a shame because that’s the main area that needs the water resistance. This of course can be remedied by rewashing in some water repellant coatings like nikwax. On the plus side it does dry very quickly within about 30 minutes.

Another neat feature is that, rather than a coin pocket, these pants have a phone pocket. The coin pocket is much larger and deeper than your usual jeans coin pocket allowing space to store a phone. I mainly used it to store my sunglasses. It is a bit impractical to use for coins because its hard to reach your fingers down to the bottom to retrieve them. Speaking of interesting pockets, the back right side pocket has a hidden zippered pocket inside to help keep your wallet more secure.

Finally in terms of pricing the pants come in at $129 which is a fantastic price especially when you compare it to Outliers Slim Dungarees that are almost $200. These are currently my go to pants that I wear when I’m travelling and just out and about. My only suggestions for improvement would be to offer more colours and make the ‘front rise’ of the pants a bit higher.


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