Western Rise Session Tee Review

Today we’re taking a look at another item from Western Rise’s new Active line of clothing. This is the Session Tee which is mainly designed as a workout t-shirt. It’s lightweight, exceptionally breathable and odour resistant and has a very comfortable 4 way stretch. Links are in the description if you’d like to purchase one.

I’ll start off with the sizing. I tried both the Small in the ‘Ash’ grey and the Medium in the Black colour. The small definitely fits me best between the two and could even be a bit smaller if they offered an XS. Although small is the smallest size the offer. They do go up to a maximum of XXL though.

In terms of performance this shirt feels great while working out and definitely is very breathable. It reminded me of the Ramielust t-shirts from Outlier in how breathable it was. It dries very quickly after it gets wet too so you may notice it dries during your cool down after a run. In terms of odour performance it was better than other active wear t-shirts that I’ve tried. But not as good as merino wool t-shirts. I did notice the odour building up but only faintly and not as strong as others I’ve tried.

I like the raglan sleeve design and the fabric feels very soft and light in your hand and against your body while wearing it. I also noticed that even when you start to sweat and the shirt gets a bit wet, it doesn’t feel ‘sticky’ like some others I have tried do. This shirt comes in at USD$68 which is a little pricy, especially when you consider that you can get 100% merino wool t-shirts from only $10 more from Olivers Apparel or other similar retailers. But this may feel more breathable than merino given that its structure and material is designed specifically for working out.

Overall its a great tshirt for working out or even just for lounging around and enduring the summer heat in. Its super breathable, lightweight, quick drying and the 4 way stretch make it feel like you’re wearing nothing at all.


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