Western Rise Movement Short Review

Today we’re taking a look at another item from Western Rise’s new Active line of clothing. This is the Movement Shorts which are ‘built for every purpose’. They have a 7″ inseam, water-resistant and very stretchy and breathable. Links are in the description if you’d like to purchase a pair.

I’ll start off with the sizing. They’re available from size Small to XXL. And in black or a lovely Blue Grey. I have the small black and the medium in blue grey. As you can see the small size seems to fit me best overall. The medium is slightly more of a relaxed fit on me in this case. The Small is equivalent to a size 30 and medium to a 32. But these in a size small fit best. Although they are very stretchy, so they won’t feel uncomfortable.

They also have a drawstring cord in the waistband to give you a tighter or more secure fit. This will be helpful if you want to use them while swimming. Because they’re made of a quick drying material and the pockets have a mesh inner side, these will be great for swimming or quick dips. They’re also coated with a durable water repellant coating. As you can see here, water runs off them quite well. And after a swim they dry very quickly. However I didn’t have a chance to test them for swimming yet. But the mesh pockets will ensure they don’t balloon up and are comfortable when you get in and out of the water.

The main pockets are quite comfortable too. Although like the Spectrum joggers from the same Active line. When you put heavy items into the pockets they tend to sit a bit awkwardly. So when I wear these I put my phone in the zippered phone pocket on the left side and its very comfortable. Theres also a zippered rear pocket on the right for keeping wallets or cash secure while jogging. The shorts come in at a price of US$89 which is comparable to similar versatile shorts but definitely on the high side. I think the comfort, stretchiness and unique phone pocket make up for the cost though.

Overall a very comfortable and versatile pair of shorts for a wide range of activities. From lounging around, to jogging or swimming. I’d definitely recommend checking them out if you’re in the market for a new pair of shorts.


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