Western Rise Limitless Merino Shirt Review

Today we’re taking a look at the Limitless Merino Shirt and Polo from Western Rise. These were both recently funded on kickstarter and have a few interesting properties that make them excellent for travel or everyday wear. Also I’m wearing the shirt here with Western Rise’s Diversion Pants too which are a great match. They also have 4 way stretch and are very comfortable. Click in the top right to see a review of them. Links to purchase the shirt are in the comments below.

So taking a look at the shirts fabric details. Its made from a blend of 54% Merino wool from Australia and 47% polyester. It has a fabric weight of 175gsm and is made with a dynamic knit fabric. This gives the shirt a very noticeable and comfortable 4 way stretch that makes it feel very unrestrictive. The merino gives the shirt anti odour properties and the knit makes it very breathable.

The fit on the button down shirt is really good. I’m wearing the size small and I feel that it fits pretty well. The 4 way stretch makes it feel very very freeing too. Its so stretchy that it feels like wearing an exercise shirt. The fit of the Polo is also a size small but I feel that it looks a bit big on me. I’m not sure what it is about the polo but although it is comfortable it doesn’t feel quite as well fitted as the button down shirt. As you can see the polo shirt is a bit creased from leaving it in my bag. So the wrinkle resistance is for minor wrinkles not larger creases.

In terms of how well the fabric performs. I can say that it is indeed very comfortable, soft and has a 4 way stretch that makes it feel like you can do anything while wearing the shirt. If you look closely at the fabric you can see it has a special dynamic knit that also helps make it very breathable. The merino wool helps keep the shirt keep you warm when its cold too. I haven’t had a chance to fully test it in a wide range of temperatures yet but I wore it through a 38 degree Celsius day (100 Fahrenheit) and it didn’t feel too warm and breathed very well.

The styling of the shirt is very nice too. Its somewhere between a casual button down and a dressy button down. Tucking it in with a nice pair of shoes and even a tie you could dress it up and wear it with a jacket to make it look really smart. But wearing it untucked you can also roll up the sleeves and keep it very casual. It performs great in any situation you can think of.

In terms of pricing the shirt comes in at USD$129 (AUD $196) which is on the higher end for a shirt. But I think for the comfort and stretch of this shirt its worth it. Also I know there are 100% merino wool in the same price range but this shirt feels more like something you can wear in a much larger variety of situations given the stretchiness and softness. I even was able to workout while wearing this shirt.

Overall a very well made and durable shirt that is super soft and so comfortable to wear you’ll forget you’re wearing a button down shirt. I’d definitely recommend checking it out if you’re in the market for a do-it-all travel shirt.


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