Western Rise Evolution Pants Review

Today we’re taking a look at the Evolution Pants from Western Rise. These are advertised as very lightweight, yet durable and water resistant do-it-all travel pants. They’re made from a high denier, air-textured nylon twill fabric comprised of 96% Nylon and 4% elastane. At the moment they come in 6 colour and the one I have here is ‘Shadow’.

These pants have a few really nice features that make it a joy to wear while out and about and especially while travelling. The first thing you’ll notice is how large the ‘coin pocket’ is on these pants. Western Rise calls this the ‘media pocket’ because it’s big enough to fit an iPhone 11. I usually found it most useful for storing my sunglasses but I could also fit my front pocket wallet here. Speaking of wallets there’s a hidden zippered pocket on the back right to keep your wallet a bit more safe. I personally only ever keep my wallet in my front pocket though so I didn’t really use this feature as much as some other people might.

It terms of sizing I initially tried the size 30. As you can see here it’s really too tight for me especially in the thighs. This is it compared to the size 32. The 32 feel a lot better through the thigh area but quite loose in the waist. So I will need to wear a belt with these personally. I usually wear a size 30 or 31 so I was surprised I had to go up to a 32 with these pants. They are quite comfortable to wear during everyday activities and even while hiking or cycling. The 4% stretch and gusseted crotch help to make them feel very unrestricted.

The lightweight fabric feels nice to wear too and it doesn’t make any kind of swishy sound while walking around. The fabric is a kind of twill look which is quite similar to how regular jeans look. Comparing to the Outlier Slim Dungarees which are more of a gauze like fabric. The Evolution pants are more lightweight than the Slim Dungarees and so I probably wouldn’t suggest wearing them in winter climates. They’re best suited to warmer climates. You could probably wear them in the winter with some under layers though.

The water resistance is quite good. As you can see here the water mostly runs off the pants and doesn’t soak in. Especially below the knee. The water resistant coating often wears off most quickly in the upper thigh area. You can see in the video that the water soaks in the upper thigh slightly quicker because of this.

Finally the pricing is quite reasonable at US$149 which is about AU$216. This puts them head to head with the Outlier Futureworks (which I reviewed here – click in the top right to see). The Futureworks have slanted pockets whereas the Evolution pants have jean style pockets which I much prefer. Overall a really nice pair of pants and I can see how they would be great for travel and everyday wear. I would definitely suggest checking them out.


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