Western Rise Diversion Pant Review

Today we’re taking a look at the Diversion Pant from Western Rise. A new contender for the title of ‘the perfect travel pants’. I have here the size 32 and the colour is ‘blue grey’. These are made from a water resistant durable 4 way stretch 94% nylon and 6% spandex. They also have a hidden zippered rear pocket and a large ‘media’ pocket on the front which is very handy for storing your phone or sunglasses. This is my 3rd pair of pants that I’ve reviewed from Western Rise, previously I reviewed the AT Slim pants and the Evolution pants. But these are the first pants that Western rise has made with a 4 way stretch. And I’d like to thank Ian at Western Rise for sending them out for review.


The fit on these is interesting. These are the slimmest pants that Western Rise make and due to the stretchiness of the fabric they’re cut in a way that allows for them to fit best after stretching them out with wear. So here I’m wearing the size 32 straight out of the box, you can see its fairly tight around my thighs but felt perfect around the waist for me. Heres what they look like after wearing them for a few weeks. For Western Rise’s Evolution pants I also wore a size 32 but it felt much looser all around compared to these Diversion Pants. For comparison I usually wear size 31 in Outlier pants. These pants also have a gusseted crotch which helps add to the overall comfort and stretchiness. Its no problem wearing them while climbing or hiking as you can see here. While I don’t need a belt for these, I found that pairing them with this carbon fibre ‘grip6’ belt that I bought on amazon, they worked out to be a great pair.


The fabric weight on these pants is 286 gsm which is quite substantial, although it doesn’t feel like a heavy fabric due to the softness of it. If I compare it to my Outlier Slim Dungarees the dungarees feel more rough due to the gauzelike weave, but the Diversion pants feel much softer. The inner lining of the Diversion pants is quite soft too. According to the details on Western Rises website the pants are made from a “two layer double-weave fabric that combines the face of a durable nylon canvas work pant with the interior dobby weave of a pair of sweatpants.” Which I would say is an accurate description. I should mention too that often people complain about the swishiness of nylon. But I haven’t found that to be a problem with these or any of the pants Ive reviewed. The only way I could get them to swish was by purposefully pressing my legs together. So I can say don’t worry, these aren’t swishy.

In terms of wearing them through different weather temperatures. I found that they’re surprisingly breathable. I wore it through a range of a bout 20 to 38 degrees Celsius (68 to 100 fahrenheit). I’m not sure how well they would do in colder or windy weather but they are very comfortable through warm and moderate weather so far.


These pants feel like they’re very well made. They have metal rivets in the high stress areas. The stitching is sold and the buttons and zips feel smooth and durable. These pants also have a water resistant coating which repels water and droplets from the surface. As you can see here the water appears to soak in in some areas but when you brush it off it actually didn’t saturate through the material. These pants dry very quickly too, in most cases usually within a few hours to an hour depending on the drying conditions.


Finally the pricing is comparable to other tech wear pants from other brands at AUD$211 (USD$138) a pair which is still quite affordable for all the features you’re getting in these pants. They’re very well made and have a great design and fit and will last for a long time with proper care. If you’re looking for a very comfortable do-it-all pair of travel pants I can certainly recommend checking these out.


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