Waterfly Fashion Sports Sling Backpack Review

This sling backpack is from a company called Waterfly. This is a single strapped backpack style bag that is perfect as a day bag for walking around. It weighs 1lb (450 grams) and has a surprisingly abundant amount of organisational pockets inside. It doesn’t list it on the website, but given the dimensions of the bag it works out to be around 12L in capacity.

In the main compartment there is a sleeve at the back for laptops or books. On the inner front section there’s 3 pouches and one pen holder. Around on the front of the bag there’s a zippered front pocket which is quite deep and has an accessory hook for your keys.

I’ve mainly been using this bag as a day bag for short trips to the city and I have found it to be quite a good size capacity and the organisational pockets are quite useful. I like the single strap design as I find it comfortable and easy to wear. The strap can also be unhooked and switched to the other side. It also has a buckle with which you can unclip the trap to take it off more easily if you like. I prefered to just put it over my head though.

In terms of price it comes in at about USD$25 (AUD$36) which I think is fairly reasonable for the product you get. It feels well built and the zips are smooth and dont catch. There’s good organisational pockets and it has a nice clean design. I just wish the logo were a bit more discreet on the back of the bag.

Overall if you’re in the market for a smaller day bag or sling bag I would recommend checking out Waterflys website. They have a lot of interesting bags in many designs at affordable prices.


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