Vapur Element vs Eclipse

The first rollable, foldable or anti-bottle that I ever used was the Vapur Element bottle (In the ‘Fire’ colourway). The one that I have here is roughly about 2 years old and has held up pretty well although not perfectly. Both of the bottles I have at the 0.7L (700ml) version. The way I refilled the bottle was by unscrewing the lid and bending the side of the bottle frequently. Over time this caused very tiny cracks to appear at the corners which now make this bottle leak. I replaced the Element with the Eclipse bottle (In the ‘midnight blue’ colour) and although they are two different products, they’re nearly identical in every way.

Vapur Element Eclipse Midnight blue

Midnight blue

The only real differences is the finish and colour applied to the outside of the bottle. The Eclipse is the more matte finish and is marketed to those who want a more camouflaged bottle. The matte finish of the Eclipse does, over time, develop shiny marks where the bottle is folded as you can see above. The finish on the Eclipse is also tinted quite dark which obscures the view of the inside of the bottle. This makes it hard to see how much water you have left inside which is a bit of a downside to the Eclipse. In every other way the Eclipse and the Element are the same. Same size options and same ‘supercap’ lid. Same built-in plastic carabiner on the lid.

As I mentioned earlier the wear point of the bottle is the top corners which, if you aren’t careful when unscrewing the lid, can wear out over time. I would suggest holding and opening the bottle from the flat sides rather than holding the edge flaps as you can see below. In this way you should be able to reduce and real wear to the plastic and the bottle should last a longer time than my previous Element bottle did.

The price of these bottles is also quite reasonable at $12 USD. Although you can’t buy these bottles directly in Australia you can get them shipped from Ebay for roughly $27 AUD. One of the best features of these bottles is the built-in carabiner which makes it handy to clip on to any area of any bag. Another great feature of the built in carabiner is its ability to fold around and keep the bottle rolled up.

Overall these are my favourite bottles to travel with and I always have on clipped to my bag whilst travelling. So if you’re in the market for a new collapsible bottle then definitely check out Vapur’s range of bottles.

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