Vapur Element Review

Vapur Element

The Vapur Element Bottle is a Light weight, BPA free water bottle that is reusable and very packable. It comes in a variety of colours and two sizes 0.7L and 1L (23 and 34oz). I have the ‘Fire’ in a size 0.7L and take it on every long and short haul trip. Its amazing how often you’ll find that it comes in handy.

Theres a few features about this bottle that make it ideal for me as a light traveller. The first and most obvious is that is packs down to nearly nothing. It also weighs next to nothing when rolled up and empty. The next thing thats great about this bottle is the built in carabiner clip. When day tripping I like to clip the bottle to one of my backpacks straps. This gives easy access to water as I’m walking around. The carabiner clip is actually removable too, so if you dont like that feature then you can easily get rid of it. The next thing is the mouth opening. Its got what Vapur call a SuperCap, essentially the bottles drinking lip and cap. Its easy enough to open and close with one hand and it has a satisfying and secure seal. The final thing about this bottle that I like is the ability to get the air out of the bottle. If you put regular bottles in a backpack or bag and the bottle is half full, you will hear the water sloshing around. With this bottle though you can squeeze the air out and clip it shut and not have to hear that sound again.

You may think that due to the flexible design of this bottle that it wouldn’t be able to stand up on its own. It does. Even when completely empty this bottle is able to stand up on its own. Due to the flexibility there is another thing you need to keep in mind. When tilting the bottle back to drink from it, you need to hold it from the side seams, otherwise it would flop over and lose its rigidity.

Fully rolled and ready to pack

This bottle has accompanied me on many trips and walks to and from work. Only once did it leak on me, and when I replaced it I noticed that the area it had leaked from actually had been updated. There was a small bonded seam that split slightly from over-tightening the lid. I noted that in the new bottle I received that this has been totally remoulded to a solid piece rather than two bonded pieces. The new design has not leaked on me yet and I’m pretty confident that it will not.

Now for a few little known features of this bottle. It’s freezable, so on hot days you can take a nice icy bottle of water out of the freezer. The plastic is also able to withstand boiling water according to the company on the answers section of their website. However since the bottle is not insulated you should be careful when handling it after putting boiling water inside. This bottle also has an antimicrobial lining to inhibit the growth of germs and bad smells. Finally, the bottle is manufactured in the U.S.A. so the quality and finish are assured.

Overall I recommend this bottle, its good to have as a daily use bottle, keeping it in the car or even just for short day drips. I should mention too that I have also tried another brand of foldable water bottles called Platypus. The main difference between this and the Platypus bottle is that the Playtpus bottles have a variety of different lid types from tubes to regular screwtops. In the end I preferred the lid of the Vapur bottle.

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