UTLAB Ninja Sprint Review

The UT labs Ninja Sprint are a lightweight microfiber pair of shoes. I previously did a review on the UTlabs ninja kicks which are the non laced version of these shoes. As you can see the glue came off the sole. The UT lab’s excellent customer service team offered to replace them with the ninja sprints.

The Ninja Sprint shoes are made from what UT lab lists on their site as a ‘water resistant’ microfiber that is lightweight and breathable. It also mean that they’re comfortable and quick drying too. Unfortunately though the microfiber material is not water resistant in anyway at all. They simply absorb water like a sponge. On the other hand, they do dry very quickly after getting wet.

The microfiber material of these shoes is slightly stretchy which makes them quite easy to slip on and off. They are also very compressible and can be packed away into tight spaces without taking up much space at all. They have a removable foam insole too and this adds a fair amount of comfort to the shoes. I’ve walked quite extensively in them and they don’t feel uncomfortable. They actually feel a lot like ‘barefoot’ shoes. The thinness of the sole means that you can feel the terrain underfoot in a comfortable way. One of the bad points about this shoe is actually the tread pattern cut into the bottom of the sole. It makes the shoes not very grippy especially when walking on certain surfaces.

Not so grippy soles

In terms of sizing, the UTlab website have a sizing table in which you measure your feet and match it to a size. This chart works extremely well and each time I’ve used it I’ve gotten a perfectly fitting shoe. The cost of these shoes is pretty high at US$68 (AU$89) especially given the quality control issues I have experienced in the past with this brand. On the plus side these shoes are extremely lightweight. Each shoe weighs only 121g (4.2 ounces) which is probably the lightest shoes you’re likely to find that aren’t sandals.

Overall these shoes are very lightweight and comfortable but not cheap for what you get. Especially given the false ‘water resistant’ claims and possible quality issues. If you are in the market for a super light pair of shoes that dry quickly and are comfortable for walking in then I don’t think you’ll find anything lighter than these.


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