UPPEL Universal Adapter with USB-C

The uppel universal travel adapter is a travel adapter with a USB-C type port. It also has a regular usb port and input for an additional plug. I haven’t had a real chance to use this with all the different plug types yet though so this will be more of a hands on.

The build quality is quite good for its price which is US$22 (around AU$28). I should note that while it does have a fuse it does not convert voltage. So this should only be used with simple electronics. Most laptops should be fine to use with it if they have a power brick. The USBC output is also not a fast charging output and likely wouldn’t be able to charge a macbook or phone very fast. But it is still nice to have it.

Overall its quite well made and I like the design although the placement of charging plug holes does mean that this adapter is often too big to use beside other plugs that are plugged into the socket. If it were a slimmer design it may be able to fit beside other plugs but due to its large size it often needs all the space it can get.

If you’re on the market for a universal travel adapter I would still suggest getting the Skross adapter but if you need the USB-c functionality then this is certainly a good choice to consider.


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