Packing Lite Update – April 2016

Hello light travellers. I thought I’d try a new little ‘update’ segment to let you know what’s happening and what’s upcoming. Firstly a thank you to Youtuber ‘Tom E. Weezow’ for asking me when my next video is coming and prompting me to write about the upcoming news. I’m sorry I didn’t upload a video last week. The reason is that I sent in my computer in for a warranty repair and so I am without any means to make videos to their usual standard. So I ordered a refurbished macbook air as a stopgap computer so that I could continue making videos on the road. The good news is that next week I will be going to Thailand for a month and I have many new products that I will be testing and reviewing for upcoming videos.

Another thank you to Youtuber ‘cinemaroll’ who asked me to review neck pillows, something which I previously wrote off as unnecessary. I have two here that I will be testing and comparing during the course of the month. The trtl neck pillow and the sea to summit aeros traveller pillow. I will also be testing the Bullpup backpack from BOgear. I will be also be reviewing the panasonic electric shaver that I bought in Japan. In addition to these videos, I am thinking of doing some reviews of the accommodation I stay in in Thailand. I was also thinking of doing some kind of ‘where to get good, cheap food’ in Thailand. Let me know in the comments which one you’re more interested in and be sure to stay tuned for more videos and reviews.


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