Uniqlo Stretch Jeans Review

In my previous review of Outliers Slim Dungarees I made a comment about ‘never wearing jeans again’ because of how good the Outlier pants were. Well, I read about these jeans on sale at Uniqlo and just have to try them out because people were saying how comfortable they are compared to regular denim. Due to the 83% Cotton, 15% Polyester, 2% Spandex construction I must agree that these are vastly more comfortable than any other pair of denim I’ve worn for a long time. These jeans have just enough stretch that means they don’t feel restrictive in any way even when you squat down or while walking up stairs.

These jeans are stretchy

These jeans are stretchy

There are a few negative points about these jeans though. The first is that the depth of the pockets is really shallow especially when compared to the deep slim dungarees pockets. Also, as these are mainly constructed of cotton, they take while to dry compared to other techwear materials. Due to the cotton construction these jeans also feel a bit cold in winter as the wind really cuts through the material, so these would be best suited to summer, spring or autumn climates. The final negative point is the length of the inseam only comes in 34” which means you’ll almost certainly need to get them tailored.

In terms of sizing I found that getting the same size as my Outlier size, a size 30, fits quite well. I did also try the size 31 but it was just a bit loose in the waist. Even with the size 30 I feel more comfortable wearing them with a belt. These jeans are a ‘slim tapered’ fit much like the slim dungarees so they’ll best suit guys with smaller thighs. The price of these jeans is really amazingly affordable at AUD$39.90 (USD$30) or on special for AUD$19.90 (USD$15). The construction and quality of the jeans is also very high and I imagine these jeans will last for quite some time with proper care.

Overall these are a great, affordable and stylish pair of jeans that would make a very comfortable and versatile piece in your travel closet however you’ll need to allow extra time for them to dry as they’re made from mostly cotton materials. If your local uniqlo has these on special I definitely recommend checking them out.

For reference the colour is ‘COL68 BLUE’ and the size is 30×34


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