Uniqlo Dry Ex Jacket Review

The Uniqlo dry-ex jacket is an ultra stretchy 100% polyester jacket that is made for sport or casual wear. I picked it up during my recent trip to China where it was early spring and some days were just a bit cooler than I had packed for. This jacket provided just enough extra warmth for me during the trip when I layered it with my merino wool undershirt and outlier merino co/pivot shirt.

The jacket has a really nice minimal design, with a full zip on the front and two hand pockets. The way the hand pockets are constructed also mean that the inside also has two additional pockets. Unfortunately these are made with a mesh material which I found to let the cool air in on windy days where the fabric is otherwise fairly wind resistant.

The material is soft and very stretchy and overall it’s a very lightweight and packable jacket. It rolls down to the size of a t-shirt and weighs about the same. Unfortunately though the jacket isn’t water resistant but it does wick moisture away from the skin. So if you’re using this as an exercising jacket it will keep the sweat off. One thing this jacket does well is that it is quick drying. It dries within 30 minutes and so even if you did get wet in the rain or from jogging, you’ll be dry again very quickly.

In terms of sizing I tried the Small (XS in US sizing) in Navy blue and the Medium (Small in US sizing) in black. I found the Small to fit quite well, especially in the arms but the back of the jacket was just a bit too short and only really looked alright if I tucked shirts in. The Medium is a touch too long in the arms but overall probably the better fitting jacket for me.

Overall this is a great jacket for casual wear, jogging and travel, it’s unfortunate that it doesn’t have any water repelling properties but for a price of AU$50 (US$37) it’s a really great all round jacket for spring and autumn season to take the chill off.


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