Unclesign Uno Pillow Review

This new travel pillow is called Uno and comes from a Taiwanese start-up called Unclesign. The packaging is quite nice and it shows a few ways in which you can fold/roll and store your pillow when not in use. The pillow is made from a soft memory foam type material covered by a thin microfibre case that comes in a few different colours. There is also a clip and strap around the front so you can adjust it to your neck size or for using it in various other ways. One of the things I noticed about the microfibre cover is actually quite slippery and means that when you’re using the pillow your head, or the pillow itself tends to slide out of place.

One of the first things I noticed when I got it out of the box is not only how large it is, but how heavy it is. It comes in at about 420g (14.8oz) which may not sound like much but for me as a light traveller I’d prefer something lighter. If not lighter than at least something multipurpose for the weight. Of course there are lighter travel pillows on the market but usually they’re inflatable. Some might argue that inflatable pillows aren’t as comfortable as memory foam ones but to be honest this pillow feels as comfortable as my sea to summit aeros pillow. If I’m going to compare it to other travel pillows that I’ve reviewed, I still think that the trtl pillow is the most comfortable for its size and weight.

Travel pillows in order of weight

Travel pillows in order of weight

The marketing photos for this pillow show it being used in several different ways. The first is around your neck in a standard neck pillow form. This is quite comfortable but not anymore so than any other neck pillow I’ve tried. The second way is as a forward facing pillow for sleeping on a desk. Somewhat comfortable. The third is as a ‘lumbar support’ this one was a bit awkward because it kept sliding down and the buckle was a bit tight if you want to put it around your waist. The final way its shown used is as a pillow while lying flat. I actually found this one the most comfortable although it kind of defeats the purpose of it being a travel pillow.

The Uno pillow costs USD$78 (AU$101) which is fairly pricy especially when the trtl pillow and the sea to summit aeros are both cheaper and lighter and arguably more comfortable. Overall I think that this Uno pillow looks good and is fairly comfortable for most travellers however if you’re looking for a lighter and more affordable pillow I’d check out the trtl or sea to summits range.


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