Unbound Merino Review

Today we’re taking a look at Unbound Merinos Crew neck t-shirt. Upon first receiving your order you’ll be greeted with a nice premium box and instruction care that has some tips on the best ways to care for your new merino tshirt. I also got a pair of Unbound Merino Boxer briefs to try out. First lets look at the tshirt.

The tshirt is made from a 190gsm ultra fine merino fabric and is nice and soft, although not quite as soft as some of the other brands that I’ve tried. And even though it’s 190gsm it doesn’t feel quite as thick as other merino tshirts that I’ve tried. The overall construction seems to be quite good although I did find a few loose strands of thread when I first put it on.

The sizing starts at a size Small which immediately posed a problem for me because, especially with American brands I need a size XS. So as expected this shirt is easily a size too big on me. I thought washing it might help make it slightly more fitting but after washing it didn’t shrink at all. I hope that Unbound adds an extra size smaller in the future. One other negative about this shirt is that it only comes in 3 colours. Black, blue and grey. I would like to see more colours at some point down the line. Finally the price is US $65 which makes it one of the more affordable merino wool brands on the market today.

Now onto the boxer briefs. These are also 190gsm merino and 17.5 micron which means they’re nice and soft and surprisingly warm. They’re also a slightly longer hem than my usual uniqlo airism boxer briefs that I like but this means they’ll give you a slight bit more warmth in the winter. They’re just as comfortable, quick drying, breathable and antimicrobial as the uniqlo airism but at a price of $40 a pair over uniqlos $9.90 it may be hard to justify. I would say that the unbound merino boxer briefs would be best suited to winter adventures and the airism for all other seasons. Although the unbound boxer briefs would be equally as good.


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