TuGuan $20 Backpack Review

This is an interesting bag from a Chinese manufacturer called TuGuan. I was sent this by a site called Lightake to share my thoughts on this bag. What initially drew my interest to this bag was the built in USB port on the side. After receiving the bag though I found that its really more of a USB extension than anything else. It can be used to connect to a battery pack in your bag so you can in theory more easily charge your devices on the go. I feel that its a little superfluous though in this case. Because using a battery pack from your pocket is much more convenient in my opinion.

The second interesting feature of this bag is that it has a built in net that stashes away into its own pocket. This can be used to more easily carry basketballs or even a jacket. Since its made of a mesh material you could also carry wet towels in this mesh to allow them to dry without dampening the inside of the bag. The bag is made from a water and apparently scratch resistant material and so should keep light rain and splashes from permeating into the bag.

In terms of the design, the bag is fairly well put together and features a lot of pockets and compartments for various things. The front pocket can be used for pens and notebooks and the larger main compartment has room for up to a 15.6 inch laptop. I also like that theres an additional shallower pocket on the front of the laptop sleeve which can be used for the laptops charging brick or other small items such as a power bank if you want to use the USB extension port.

This bag is quite comfortable to wear while walking around. It sits nicely against the back and has a soft padding on both the straps and the back panel. I feel like this bag would be a great university bag or a day bag for going out and about. It doesn’t feel quite as robust as my Goruck but I wouldn’t expect it to be at a price of USD $20. Its really quite a bargain for this price especially given all the features that you get. Although if you’re looking for a world travelling ‘one bag’ I would suggest you look to something slightly more robust.


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