True Utility Telepen Review

The True Utility Telepen is a great little pen no bigger than the size of a standard pen lid. It comes with a key chain and two spare ink refills for around the price of between US$8~10. I like to carry this around in the coin pocket of my pants for those times that you’ll inevitably need a pen. The brand ‘True Utility’ specialises in key chain items that are small and useful. However I took the keyring off the top of my telepen so that it would have a smaller and slimmer profile. 

Although small and thin, this pen is still quite easy to write with. It has a dark black to bluish ink and it runs across most paper surfaces without any problems. The ink dries fast and isn’t blotty. I use this pen quite often although there was a period where I went a few months without using it. During that time the ink in the pen did not dry out.

The good things about this pen are that its extremely small and portable. It also has an extremely sturdy clipping closure that will keep the lid tightly closed until you need to use the pen. It also comes with 2 extra ink refills which is good because the amount of ink you get isnt really that much.

The bad points are the ink you get in each refill probably isnt that much for most people. However this depends on how much you’ll be using the pen. Due to the pens telescopic design, the pen can sometimes start to slide in while you’re writing. This can be avoided by putting your finger on the end of the pen while writing though. Finally the pen is quite thin and it can feel a little awkward to use while writing at first.

Overall I quite like this pen and I would suggest checking it out if you’re in the market for a small travel pen or just a handy little pen to carry for those times you’ll need one.

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