Trtl Packing Pods Review

Today we’re taking a look at the new Trtl Packing Pods from the same company that brought us the Trtl Pillow. They come in packs of 3 sizes for a price of AUD$119 or USD$80. This also includes a ‘carry strap’ so you can use them as a sling bag. Currently they also only come in this nice grey and black colour with a green inner lining.

What makes these packing pods special over something like a regular set of packing cubes is the fact that they have buckles built in. At the top of each packing pod is a loop and a metal buckle which Trtl calls the ‘g-hook’. This allows the pods to be quickly hung onto almost any bar, railing, or hook that you might find around your hotel room or guest room. At the bottom of the zip is another loop where you can thread in the ‘carry strap’. The carry strap also has a built in ‘g-hook’ that allows quick and easy conversion of the pods.

So essentially these packing pods are packing cubes that can also be used as a cross body bag when you’re not using them to store your clothes. I love multipurpose gear so these are a really great idea. Although they’re not super light weight. The small pod weighs 85g (2.9oz)(160g [5.6oz] with strap attached). The strap itself weighs 70g (2.4oz). The medium pod weighs 90g (3oz) and the large 160g (5.6oz).

As a packing pod they work quite well and you can use the ‘g-hook’ on the top to hook onto some daisy chain webbing on the back of the pod to make the pods more compact. There are 3 lines of daisy chain webbing on the back of each pod and these can be used to hang the pods off of each other as well as a location to hang the strap. Due to the rounded tear drop design these pods are best for packing your cloths in while rolled and standing upright. This actually makes accessing the clothing quicker and easier than a traditional packing cube where you’d need to fish through it.

As a cross body bag I found it adequate but a bit awkward to balance. The location to thread the straps means that the bag can hang with the zipper facing down or up. I prefer to carry bags with the zipper facing upwards so when I want to access something in the bag the contents won’t fall out. The strap feels secure and is adjustable but the g-hook doesn’t have a clip on it. Meaning that its possible for it to slide out while using it. The g-hook itself is also the heaviest part of the packing pod and I can’t help but feel a plastic hook with a security clip on the side might be a better lighter weight solution.

Overall though I really like the design of these bags and the build quality is absolutely top notch. They feel very well made and durable. The g-hooks while a touch heavy are very strong and durable. I like the size options too, although I found myself reaching for the small or medium more often then the large. Id highly recommend checking them out if you’re in the market for some new packing cubes or even for a multifunction day bag.


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