Tronnovate Swift Bag Review

This is a hands on first look/short review of the Swift Bag from Tronnovate. The first thing you’ll notice about the bag is that it features quite an interesting and unconventional design. The zip goes across the front of the bag in a Zed shape theoretically giving you easier access to all areas of the bag. And behind each of the two flaps are additional zippered mesh pockets.

What I do like about this bag is just how lightweight it is. It comes in at around 300 grams (10oz) and is water resistant but not fully waterproof. A few other useful features it has are: a sternum strap, adjustable straps, built in drybag, 2 drink bottle pouches, and several internal pockets. In terms of pricing it’s quite affordable at around $90USD for the retail price.

It terms of real world use I found parts of the design a bit awkward in practice. The Zed opening zipper isn’t as quick or convenient to open as you’d think and you have to be careful your stuff doesn’t fall out while opening it. The built in ‘dry bag’ is also quite awkward because its attached only to the bottom of the bag. So stuff in that can move around or fall down while the bag is open. My final nitpick about the bag is that the material is quite loud and when holding or opening the bag it rustles quite loudly.

Overall though I think that it’s refreshing to see such an interesting new design. It would make a good day bag especially for short day trips or perhaps even for cyclists.


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