Tronnovate Stiky Towel Hands On

Today we’re doing a hands on first look at an interesting new product from a brand called Tronnovate. Its a microfiber towel called “Stiky” that is currently available on kickstarter. What makes it so interesting is that it has a one way liquid absorption and a velro-like self adhesive property. Although it isn’t hard and scratchy like velcro, it’s more like a firm carpet texture. It somewhat reminds me of a shammy that you would use to wash a car with.

It comes in 3 sizes a wristband size, a medium small towel size (That I have) and a full towel size. Unfortunately due to its texture and thickness it doesn’t fold up quite as small as other microfibre towels but it does have a loop on the end which you can hand it on the outside of a bag when rolled up. The adhesiveness of the towel is not as strong as velcro but it is strong enough to hold together when a large enough surface area is pressed together.

One of the other features of this towel is that is acts as a kind of one way thermal insulator. That is to say it keeps you warm while it’s wrapped around you. Making it quite a good makeshift blanket, jacket or scarf. One of my favourite uses for this though is as a ground mat for sitting on. You can place it black side up on wet grass and not worry about getting wet because the moisture only travels down through the black side not up through it.

Overall I really like this towel and its multi purpose uses make it a great travel product especially for day trips. If you’d like to support this kickstarter project you can do so here.


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