Silk Sleeping Bag Liner

The Traveller Silk Sleeping Bag Liner is, as the name implies, a 100% silk liner for travellers. This is intended mainly for those who are fastidious and don’t like the idea of sleeping in hostel beds that they deem to be unclean. I actually bought this after reading recommendations and thinking it would be a night light weight blanket for use in planes and so forth. 

Unfortunately though this is quite hard to fold back up and put back into its bag making it impractical for use in planes and it also does not add much warmth at all. I would recommend using the pocket towel as a makeshift blanket over this, that way you’re increasing the versatility of your towel. This is a quality piece of gear though and there obviously are people who will get more use out of it than I have. It is comfortable and the stretch side panels are very nice and overall the stitching and design is good.

I carried this thing all over Asia with me for 3 months and found myself using it very little and in the end I removed it from my pack because it took up bulk space. Its not heavy, only around 130 grams (28 ounces) but its quite bulky and therefore inconvenient, especially if you’re already carrying a pocket towel that can be used in the same way. Overall I would say this is a quality piece of gear and if you are looking for something to separate your body from the ‘dirty’ hostel sheets this will definitely get he job done. If you’re looking to travel lighter and more free then look into the ‘pocket towel’ for more versatility.

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