Thousand Miles All Day Shorts Review

Today we’re taking a look at the All Day Shorts from a company called Thousand Miles. These are the first packable shorts that I’ve seen and I quite like the design of them. They also have a lot of great features which make them very suitable for not only travel but a whole range of situations. They also have these silver knit socks which are available in some of the bundles on their website, which I will mention more at the end of the video.

These shorts come in Midnight blue and urban grey. I personally prefer the midnight blue myself but leave a comment down below which colour you prefer. Now onto the design, they are made from a lightweight ‘omniflex’ fabric which is breathable, moisture wicking and fast
drying. This fabric is 92% polyester and 2% spandex. It could be considered a swishy fabric when you walk you might hear a little noise but only if your legs are very close together. I didn’t notice any sound when I wore them. These shorts have a push stud closure instead of a button and an elasticated waist so it fits a wide range of waist sizes. It also have a drawstring cord for a more secure fit if you want to wear them while swimming.

Speaking about swimming though, when compared to the Outlier New Way shorts these shorts pockets are not ventilated or made from a mesh so the pockets would likely balloon up a bit when you get in and out of the water. I didn’t have a chance to test it for swimming because its currently mid winter here in Australia. Also comparing to the Outlier New Ways, these shorts are not water repellant nor are they coated to repel water. They instead are strongly moisture wicking so the water will run through the fabric fast and dry quickly.

These shorts are also quite a bit more stretchy than the Outlier shorts. So these shorts feel very comfortable and unrestrictive. These Thousand Miles shorts also pack away into the back zippered pocket, both pockets can serve as a pack away pocket but the right pocket has a logo printed on the inside that shows when its packed. The Thousand Miles shorts are also about 60 grams (2.1 oz) lighter than the Outlier shorts.

Now just a few things I don’t like about these shorts. I do prefer an actual button like the Outlier shorts have, the push stud doesn’t give a very good sense of security. The pockets are not ventilated or mesh which is something that makes the Outlier shorts something special. Finally the price of the Thousand Miles is really affordable at US$68 for the usual price (currently on sale for US$45). This is quite a bit cheaper than the Outliers so its definitely worth checking out.

These silver knit socks are included with some bundles when you purchase a pair of their shorts. They are quite comfortable ankle socks and although they’re not make with merino wool, they have silver fibres knitted into the socks which give them anti odour properties. They’re similar to the magic socks I reviewed a few months ago.


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