Tesalate Workout Towel Review

Today we’re taking a look at some towels from an Australian brand called Tesalate. This is their ‘Workout Towel’ which is made from microfibre and designed to be compact, quick drying and odour free. Their main product the ‘beach towel’ is a bit larger and designed to be sand free and perfect for the beach. I decided to review the workout towel though because its more compact and thus I feel would be better for travel. I would like to thank Tesalate for sending me these two towels for review, however this is a fully independent review.

So first of all taking a look at tesalates website you’ll see they have a very, very wide range of colours, patterns and designs to choose from. Some of the designs are only available in the beach towel while some are available in both the beach towel and the workout towel. For this review I chose ‘The Swell’ colour which is this black and white zig zag pattern, and the ‘Rainbow Road’ which is the coloured lines. These towels are 100x45cm (40x17in) which is not quite enough to fully wrap around yourself but its not designed to be. These are gym towels which you would typically use to wipe away sweat or to lay on while doing workouts or over equipment at the gym. Thats why it has two sides. One side you use against the ground and the other for your body.

In my weeks of testing I have found they are indeed quick drying and they don’t smell. So the antibacterial coating they use does work. It also does roll up quite compact and is easy to carry and hang with its built in hook. If I compare it with Sea to summits pocket towel this one is a bit bigger while packed up but its also a bit thicker and therefore should be more durable if you’re going to be using it in a gym and against the ground. The sea to summit towels are mainly just for drying off and not for rough wear and tear.

Using these towels to dry off or wipe away sweat is similar to other microfibre towels. The surface is somewhat smooth and a little textured and so you have to kind of pat away the wet areas rather than wiping. I would say it works as well as other towels Ive tried in this regard. But if using it to dry your whole body it might take a little longer than with the sea to summit towels because its a little smaller. It rolls up to about the same size as this small linen towel from Etsy I reviewed earlier.

Overall its a great towel and comes in many great colours and styles. It lives up to its promise of being odour free and I can see it would be excellent for its designed purpose of working out and using while exercising. Its probably not the best choice for travelling but could be used as a shower or beach towel in a pinch.


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