Tenba BYOB 7 Review

This is a quick review of the Tenba BYOB/Packlite Flatpack Bundle 7. This is actually just the Tenba BYOB 7 Camera bag insert with a packable sling bag included in one bundle. The packable sling bag you get in the bundle feels well made and even has a small mesh pocket on the side (which also doubles as the pocket it packs into). It is slightly smaller than I imagined it would be but there is still a little extra room down the sides to fit small extra items if needed. 

The sling bag has a fairly comfortable strap and it includes a small piece of elastic to hold the two adjustment straps in place. There’s also a large plastic ring at one end which you would use for attaching things with a carabiner clip if you wanted. I also found it useful for using it as a grab handle to pull the bag around to the front. The sling packs away nicely into the side mesh pocket. But this pocket isn’t stretchy so you would have trouble fitting a drink bottle into it. 

The BYOB camera insert is designed to fold completely flat as well. So you can more easily pack it down the side of your main backpack. The BYOB 7 insert is the smallest in the range and is just big enough for a small mirrorless camera and 1 to 2 lenses depending on the size of the lens you’re carrying. I was able to just fit in my Sony a6400 with Sigma 16mm 1.4 lens and the kit lens down the side and the body cap covers as well. There’s a nice zippered pocket at the top of the lid of the camera insert and it has several pockets on the outside. Which are useful to pop lens caps or small parts of your camera into while out and about. 

The nylon fabric of the sling bag is very nice and feels very durable. It’s not waterproof but the water will repel water somewhat. But water will eventually soak in through the zipper compartment if it gets too wet. The bag and insert together weigh a total of 8.8oz (or 250grams) which is very lightweight especially for the amount of padding and protection it provides. 

It costs about USD$42 and about AUD$55 for the bundle that includes the BYOB and the packable sling. I think it’s quite a good price especially if you compare it to other camera cubes from other companies like this Lowepro GearUp Camera Box – Medium which costs about AUD$60 and USD$45. Overall the Tenba is a really nice camera cube bundle and I would certainly recommend it for anyone whos looking for a packable camera cube bundle. 


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