Techwear Shoes: Muroexe Atom

In my quest for the perfect travel shoe I cam across a little known Spanish company called Muroexe that does techwear shoes. These shoes are not only light weight but also are made from a highly water resistant nylon fabric so they repel water easily.

Unfortunately the stock of these shoes is quite limited and as a result I wasn’t able to get a pair in my correct size. They were a bit too tight on me but nevertheless I could feel that they’re very comfortable. The have a cushioned removable insole and they are very well put together. Its a shame they didn’t have my size because I would have liked to have tried wearing them around for longer. But overall its a great pair of shoes and I hope more techwear shoes will get made in the future.

If you are looking for techwear shoes then definitely check Muroexe out. There doesn’t seem to me much choice in the way to techwear shoes these days, at least none that look as nice as the Muro.exe Atoms do anyway.


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