Western Rise StrongCore Merino Socks Review

The StrongCore merino socks are from a great techwear company called Western Rise. When I initially tried them on they immediately reminded me of my favourite summer socks the Darntough tactical no show socks.

When I compare the two though there are some key differences to consider. The first main on that I noticed was that the Strongcore socks are a slightly lower cut than the darntoughs. This actually caused an issue with my Nike shoes as the back of the shoe rubs against my skin rather than the sock cushing the back of my foot. The darntoughs are cut just a bit higher around the ankle and completely protect my feet from abrasion. 

The Strongcore socks do feel more thick and the bottom is more comfortable overall. The darntough ‘no show’ socks do come in a ‘cushioned’ version though. The last point is the price where the Strongcores come in at USD$20 and the darntoughs right now about $16 depending on size and shop. 

Overall both great pairs of socks and its hard to tell which one will last longer but I’ll do an updated review once I’ve more fully worn them in. 


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