Solognac X-Acc Organizer Pocket Medium Review

The Solognac X-access organizer pocket (size medium) is a great organizer for your electronics and cables while travelling. Its made with a tough wide 10mm zip, Duraflex buckles and 600 denier Polyester fabric. It measures about 18 x 12 x 4 cm (7 x 4.7 x 1.5 in) which is also the perfect size to fit a passport or notebook into. 

Inside the organizer there are an assortment of pouches and elastic of varying sizes to hold everything snugly in place. The front has 4 medium loops and 2 larger and one zippered pocket. The zip pocket fits a passport or notebook perfectly. The upper side has 4 overall large loops and 4 medium. The upper elastic has 6 small loops that fit usb-c adapters perfectly.

They also fit a pen very nicely. The large and medium loops fit cables securely without the need for cable ties which is very convenient and makes them very quick and easy to access. Finally at the top there’s a kind of hidden slip pocket which also perfectly fits a passport or notebook. 

Overall a great organizer pocket for a good price and it feels very durable and hard wearing. I look forward to testing it more thoroughly on the road.

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