Solognac 20L Backpack Review

Today we’re taking a look at the Solognac Hunting Backpack 20L. When I first saw this on the decathlon website I thought it would make a great lightweight backpack for travelling as well as hiking and other outdoor activities. Unfortunately it only comes in 2 colours. The army, olive green and a camouflage pattern colour. The backpack is excellent value at just USD$12.99 (about AU$19 and 9.99 UK pounds).

The design of the bag is quite straightforward with a few molle web straps on the front which are compatible with the other Solognac x-access pouches (one of which I reviewed earlier, click in the top right to see that). I wish the main compartment was more of a full-zipped opening panel loading configuration. But unfortunately its just a 3/4 zip. Inside the bag there’s no extra pockets or compartments just an open area. Theres a spacious front pocket on the front that is handy for small items.

In terms of comfort the straps are actually quite thin and the padding doesn’t feel very substantial. Still, it’s quite comfortable to wear even with a full load and there’s a built in sternum strap which slides up and down for extra load bearing. One thing I really like about this bag is just how light weight it is while empty. At just 265grams (9.3oz) its one of the lightest weight 20L backpacks Ive ever seen. Which means you’ll have more weight for your actual gear.

In terms of capacity, I was actually able to pack what I would usually pack in my main backpack into this bag. My fully loaded clothing cube and tech pouch, toiletries and camera cube. My laptop does slip down the back but there’s no padding or sleeve to keep it protected. The front pocket even fits my Nintendo switch.

The 600 denier polyester fabric is somewhat water resistant but water will soak in through the zipper compartments so I wouldn’t use this in heavy rain but a splash shouldn’t hurt it. Overall its a really great lightweight 20L backpack that would suit a wide range of activities. I do wish it came in black and had a full length zipper. But for the price it’s a great deal.


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