Slimfold Wallet Micro Softshell Review

Slimfold Micro showing its water resistance

This is Slimfolds Micro softshell waterproof wallet. According to slimfolds website, their wallets are the slimmest, strongest and lightest available on the market. I’m a big fan of ‘front pocket wallets’ which are typically non-folding wallets that hold cash (folded over) and a few cards. This wallet is a bi-fold though and for a bi-fold it certainly is the slimmest and lightest I’ve come across.

Slimfold Wallet Review

Slimfold says this wallet will hold between 8 to 12 cards however if you’re going to be getting a slim and light wallet you’d most likely be holding less than that. I carry between 4 to 5 cards and for this demonstration I’ve got 6 cards packed into the wallet. This wallet also holds quite a variety of currencies. From Thai baht to Taiwanese dollars. I dont have any Chinese RMB or Japanese Yen to try though. Those two currencies are usually the tallest and hardest to fit into a wallet.

In terms of waterproof construction I would say its more water resistant than proof. Theres no zips or closures, the wallet simply folds in half and is held together by its own weight. The softshell fabric is highly water repellent and as you can see the water just beads off it. Due to the softness of the fabric, it also is quite comfortable in your pocket. The edges dont feel sharp or intrusive. Also due to the softness of the fabric, putting cards into the slots sometimes takes a few tries before it slides in. The wallet does have a removable thin strip of plastic in the back of the wallet to help give the softshell fabric some rigidity. At first I thought it was a part of the packaging but then I realised its apart of the construction of the wallet.


Slimmy a strong competitor

Finally the price is pretty steep at USD$45 for the softshell micro its actually more expensive than the leather ‘slimmy’ wallet from koyono. Both of these wallets are similar dimensions the main difference is that the slimfold is a bi-fold whereas the slimmy is a front pocket wallet. Overall I would say that if you’re in the market for a slim, light and water resistant bi-fold wallet then the slimfold micro is for you. If you’re just after a slim, leather front pocket wallet though, you might want to look elsewhere.

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