Sea To Summit Small Travel Wallet

Size: Small
Colour: Midnight

The new design


This is a quick look at the Sea To Summit Small Travel Wallet
. The colour and design have been slightly updated since the version that I have, however most of the features remain the same. The new wallet includes a front pouch presumably for receipts. This is a great little wallet for organising your various currencies and keeping your various cards in one place. Although its generally not a good idea to keep all your credit cards and money in one place when travelling. This could even be a good back up or ‘decoy’ wallet. One of the best features is the coin pouch on the inside, one thing that tends to accumulate quickly when travelling is coins.


small vs medium

Small vs the Medium size

The small size is roughly half the size of the medium, which I use as my passport and document wallet. The size of the small wallet is sufficient for use as a daily wallet, carrying small amounts of cash, cards and coins. I found it to be a bit bulky in my pockets though, due to its square shape it doesn’t sit as nicely in a pocket as a rectangular wallet would usually. I’m not sure if this is due to that fact that I always carry my wallets in my front pocket, but it just didn’t sit well.

I know some people carry their wallet in their bag or purse and I think in those cases it would be quite a suitable wallet for that kind of traveller. For those that like a nice slim, minimal wallet though, this is not the wallet for you.

Full disclosure: Amazon affiliate link in article.


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