Sea to Summit Pocket Umbrella

Today I wanted to do a quick hands on review with the sea to summit pocket umbrella. I bought this online for about $24 AUD (18 USD) and had fairly high expectations given that it’s a bit more expensive than I’d like for and umbrella.

The umbrella itself is quite good quality and comes with its own little travel bag. It weight 155 grams (about 5 oz) and has a span of 84 cm (33 inches). The handle is telescopic and the arms of the umbrella automatically unfold when you open it. There is a plastic cover over the clip that secures the umbrella in place while open. Although it’s hard to tell when it’s been pushed up enough to click into place without feeling like it’s your pushing it too far.

The biggest problem I had with the umbrella was actually with the handle. As soon as I first took it out of the bag for the first time the handle actually came straight off. It doesn’t appear to be glued on or attached in any way. It just pops on and off a bit too easily and make its feel less than sturdy.

Overall the build quality and lightweight design is really nice and it is a solid umbrella that fits in with my lightweight ideals. It’s just a shame that the handle is as flimsy as it is especially for the price.


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