Sea to Summit Aeros Traveller Pillow

The red colourway

The Sea to Summit Aeros Traveller pillow is an ultralight neck pillow that packs down small, very small. Sea to Summit make several versions of this aeros ultralight pillow in varying sizes and shapes. The one we’re focusing on in this review is the aeros traveller pillow. This pillow comes in two colours, blue as I have and a bright reddish orange.

In terms of design and sea to summit have done a good job keeping the weight down. It’s made from a 20D laminated polyester that is soft to the touch. Another great thing about this inflatable neck pillow is that weighs only 50 grams (2oz). When deflated it packs down into its own little stuff sack that can fit into the palm of your hand. All of this combined makes this very a very packable neck pillow especially when compared to the Trtl pillow which I reviewed last week.

Aeros Pillow Comfort

It terms of comfort I found this traveller pillow to be average. The pillow works best when leaning backwards into it. In this way it gives the best support and is fairly comfortable. However when leaning to the side or forward a bit loses a lot of its support and made it difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep in. Also if you’re using this pillow on a lower seat without any rear head support, it immediately loses its effectiveness. It performed quite comfortably against the plane seats while leaning backwards. The support it gives isn’t quite as good or versatile, especially when compared to another travel pillow such as the trtl pillow.

Using the Aeros pillow

Leaning back gives the best result


I had no trouble inflating this pillow on the plane, it only takes one or two deep breaths to inflate fully. One of the features of this pillow is that it has a specially designed ‘multifunctional valve’. Essentially it opens in two ways. The first way is the ‘inflate mode’. This basically doesn’t let any air out while the valve it open. The second flap is the ‘deflate’ to let all the air out at once. When you’re ready to pack it away into its pouch, it’s as easy as scrunching it up and putting it in.

Aeros pillow valve

The special one way valve


At around AUD$40 (USD$34) the aeros traveller pillow is not the cheapest on the market by any stretch. Especially when you consider that there are plenty of other much cheaper U-shaped travel pillows around on the market. You’re paying for the special valve and lightweight materials. When compared to the trtl pillow, the aeros is actually about the same price. However currently on amazon the trtl pillow is about AUD$6 (USD$5) cheaper .


Overall I did like the ultra lightweight and packability of this aeros traveller pillow however given its steep price and slightly inferior head support compared to the trtl pillow I would be hesitant to recommend this over the trtl pillow for a really good nights sleep in the air. However if you mainly care about packability and light weight then this really is the best on the market at the moment.


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