Samyang 18mm & 75mm Tiny Series

Today we’re going to be taking a look at 2 lenses from Samyang which I think make a great compact lightweight and travel friendly lens kit. Now Samyang did send me the 75mm lens but I purchased the 18mm and the lens station with my own money and my thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.

So why do I think these two lenses make such a great travel kit? Why not a 35mm or 50mm instead of a 75mm. Well that does come down to personal preference, and Samyang actually make a wide variety of lenses in the Tiny Series that are small and lightweight and great for travel. I think the 18mm is a must have for travel though. You can pair it with a 35 or 45mm or a zoom but the 18mm is really one of the best lenses for travel. You can use it for vlogging in or outdoors and you can use it to capture landscapes or city shots of landmarks.

The reason I went with the 75mm as my second lens in this travel kit is because its very sharp and high quality and small and lightweight. I’ll show some of the shots Ive taken with this lens. I’ve always been impressed with the quality and the bokeh coming out of it. In terms of its use for travel, I think there are situations where you want to crop in for a more focused shot. Like certain landscape shots or shots at a zoo or wildlife. If you’re travelling with friends or family it makes a fantastic portrait lens too.

Both of these lenses and the lens station fit very neatly in to the Tenba BYOB 7 camera insert that fits in a small packable Tenba sling bag. For me this makes it ideal for travel because its very small and neat. And the bag is discreet and won’t attract pickpockets attention. The whole kit packed into the bag only weighs a total combined weight of 1.15kg (2.5lbs) and fits very neatly into my travel backpack. And when I’m ready for a day trip I can take out the sling and take my camera kit with me ready to go instantly.

Now the way you customise your Samyang lens mode switches or update the firmware is with the Samyang lens station. This is a separate purchase, or you can get it in a bundle. But the good thing is that its very lightweight and not much bigger than a couple of lens caps. It fits into my camera kit without any trouble and allows me access to lens updates or mode switch customisation no matter where I am.

So as you can see the Samyang Tiny Series of lenses have some great travel friendly options available and are very affordable and lightweight option for the Sony E-mount system. The 18mm is only US$330 and the 75mm is also US$330. I would highly recommend checking out Samyangs range of lenses if you’re looking for a small lightweight lens for your next trip.


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