Quechua NH500 10L Backpack Review

Today we’re taking a look at the Quechua NH500 10L backpack. This is quite similar to the NH100 backpack that I reviewed here. Both bags are the same size capacity but they differ a bit in pricing and some features. The NH500 10L also have far fewer colour options available compared with the NH100 10L. I’ll just mention too that when I first received this bag in the post it had a hole in the top from broken stitching. Decathlon exchanged it without any problems but if you’re buying one in store make sure to check for loose stitching.

So starting off with the price the NH500 10L is about GBP 10 and its actually AUD$30 in The Australian decathlon store, which is about AUD$10 more than compared to the British pricing. I guess that’s the Australia tax we get for living on an island. So it is quite a bit more expensive than the NH100 10L but as I said it does have a few extra features that might make it worth it for you.

The design has a grab handle thats built into the backpack straps and this makes it easy to pick up the bag or hold it in one hand while taking it off and putting it on. But this was actually also my lease favourite feature. The way it connects the two straps mean that its uncomfortable and restrictive when you wear it on your back. Especially if you want to wear it closer to your back to distribute the weight better. The other features this has over the NH100 10L is that this NH500 10L has a more thickly padded back panel and straps. And it also has a slip pocket inside the main compartment for papers or small tablets.

I was only just able to fit my MacBook Pro 13 in to the slip pocket, but it was quite a tight squeeze. Speaking of the main compartment its 10L but I could still fit my toiletries and clothing cube for a few weeks of travel in here. Also, it perfectly fits two packets of Nissin noodles, so if you’re going to be shopping for those, this bag is a perfect fit. Theres also a pocket on the front panel the same as the NH100 10L. So other then that there’s not really that much different that you get over the cheaper and in my opinion nicer designed NH100 10L backpack.

The bag is water resistant or rather splash resistant but this will wear off over time, so I wouldn’t suggest using this in the rain or wet weather. Overall I actually wouldn’t recommend this bag, I would definitely suggest getting the NH100 10L instead unless you really want extra padding and an internal slip pocket. Other then that the NH100 10L is more comfortable, cheaper and lighter weight and has a better design overall in my opinion.


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